A Comprehensive Guide on Everything You Should Know About 4k Gaming Monitors

4k gaming monitors are capturing the attention of more and more hardcore players who have a taste for quality and smooth gaming experience. But in the kind of world we’re inhabiting, it is very difficult to distinguish a genuine product from duplicate ones. Which is why, the few following tips should be kept in mind while buying 4k gaming monitors

6 Simple Tricks to Buy 4k Gaming Monitors

Since 4k gaming monitors are expensive investments, you should be extremely careful with purchasing them. The tricks listed below will be highly beneficial.

  • Buy the monitors from licenced and reputed companies like PrimeCables.
  • Ensure that the monitors are covered with a warranty.
  • Run a manual check to ensure that there’s no dead pixel on the display screen.
  • Find out coupons from legit sources in order to avail attractive discounts.
  • Do not invest into buying gadgets from companies having a poor customer feedback even if made available at low prices.
  • Trust word of mouth more than internet information.

7 Features That Make 4k Gaming Monitors Popular

Now that you know how to buy a genuine 4k gaming monitor, you must learn about the most popular features of this gaming device.

  • 4k gaming monitors are available in different sizes. Their aspect ratio can be as much as 16:9 alongside HD resolution upto 3480 X 2160P.
  • The price and performance of these monitors also depend upon the pixel density. The best ones are bundled with 8.3 million pixels. Which is why, these monitors can support fast next gen games.
  • These monitors run on the AMD FreeSync technology. It is for this technology that 4k gaming monitors have a response rate as high as 2ms.
  • Most 4k monitors have a 178°/178° tilt angle. This helps in aligning the monitor to complement your height so that you can get the best viewing angle.
  • The refresh rate of most high-quality monitors is 60Hz. Also, since their contrast can be as much as 1000:1, they give ultra clear display and the videos do not pixelate or hang.
  • Mostly these monitors have a strong IPS panel and they are stacked with pixels that are 4 times of those found in FHD 1080P gaming monitors.
  • These monitors can be connected with all the gadgets that have a DisplayPort or HDMI port.

Apart from the features mentioned above, you must also know that the refresh rate of different 4k monitors is directly related to the performance of the graphic card that you’re using. Like mentioned above, the ones making a use of the best cards will have a refresh rate of 60Hz, but this isn’t a constant figure for all 4k gaming monitors.

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