Brightline West Acquires site in Las Vegas for High speed rail station:

With a location at the south end of Las Vegas Boulevard there’s no hundred and 10 acre location that will stand as a convenient hub for people to make their way into Las Vegas and connect on arrival from the airport.

Brightline has acquired a site that will serve as the main station hub for the high-speed passenger rail system. The rail system will eventually connect Los Angeles and Las Vegas as an eco-friendly transportation service that could carry more than 11 million people in a year.

The site includes the development of a much bigger terminal as well as a variety of mobility locations that can take after the key areas across Las Vegas. This location is ideal for visibility and for drop off that some of the most iconic destinations across the strip. It is also a plan station at the new Raiders stadium as well as of the McCarran international Airport.

As plans continue to develop for the terminal station we will continue to see more on the significance of this market and environmental focus. The company is building off of his experience in several cities throughout Florida and bringing new creativity to a rail line in Las Vegas. The high-speed rail line could provide extremely convenient access to the Rancho Cucamonga area, Palmdale, Victor Valley and more.

Representatives from the company have suggested that the new site affords the optimum characteristics for installing a premiere terminal access. This is going to boost into a significant market for the West and lead to a new gateway into the greater Las Vegas area.

We will be following this story closely so stay tuned about all of the latest innovations in this Las Vegas high-speed rail line.

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