Burma Shrooms – The PsilocybeCubensis

If you’re looking for the best burmese mushrooms, you’ve probably come across PsilocybeCubensus. This variety of the mysterious fungus is native to the south east of Asia. Its caps are different shades of brown and are characterized by an irregular ring around the cap. Here, we take a look at some common characteristics and details about this popular mushroom.


Hallucinogenic Burma Magic Mushes are highly sought after by many people. These mushrooms are native to the south-east Asia region and come in many different shades of brown. These mushrooms have a lower starting dose than most Psilocybe strains. The effect is largely dependent on the dosage, and the amount you take depends on your desired experience.


The spores of the mythical SubellipsoidBurman magic mushroom originate in Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia located on the border of Thailand and Laos. Psilocybe spores were gathered in Burma by a well-known mycologist named John Allen, who cataloged over thirty different strains of the fungus. This Burma strain was purchased by Spores Lab in late 2020, and the company immediately began tweaking the genetics of the strain. The strain is characterized by its rapid colonization of mycelium, the presence of rhizomorphic mycelium, and the presence of a massive, dense fruiting body.

Basidia 4-Spored

Unlike other strains of psilocybin mushrooms, Burma’s spores are very small and grow from medium to large in size. This means that the amount of mushrooms needed for a typical experience will vary considerably. There are a number of ways to grow burma shrooms. There are several brands of grow kits available, and you can even start from spores.


The Psilocybecubensis strain is the most popular magic mushroom strain on the market today. This strain originated in a Southeast Asian nation called Burma, or Myanmar. Legendary mycologist John Allen collected and cataloged over 30 varieties of Psilocybe. In late 2020, Spores Lab purchased the genetics of the Burma strain and began perfecting the culture. The Burma strain has fast colonizing mycelium, a rhizomorphic growth habit, and a large dense fruiting body.


The Burma Magic Mushroom has a wide range of impacts on the body. Some people find them to be a calming and joyful experience. Others may have visual and audio experiences, while others may not. Whatever the case, it is almost always a life-changing experience. The event has been referred to by some as a “life-changing experience.” Others may find it to be a nostalgic walk down memory lane.


It’s a heated debate in mycology circles right now: whether or not Burma Magic mushrooms, a form of hallucinogenic fungus, should be legalized. Known for its rapid growth, huge meaty fruits, and high colonization rates, the Burma variety is a popular choice for growers.

It thrives in big groups and is well-known for its spores, which are dissolved in a specific solution that kickstarts the formation of the mycelium, which is the root of the plant. However, in other places, including as California, Georgia, Idaho, and Hawaii, it is illegal to sell these spores. Now that you’ve learnt about this particular type of magic mushroom, you can place an order for it by clicking here.

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