Consider These Advantages of Holding Physical Precious Rare Metals

There are many advantages to holding physical precious rare metals. However, when the U.S. dollar is in a state of crisis, it can be challenging to know where you should turn for wealth preservation and growth opportunities. Gold has been used as a store of value since ancient times, but what about silver?

What about platinum? What about Palladium? Why not all four! Bullion Direct offers gold bullion coins from around the world minted by sovereign governments with established reputations for quality assurance and purity standards that meet international requirements such as ISO9001:2008 certification and COMEX-approved refineries like Johnson Matthey & Mallory (JM&M) located right here in America. These metals have also proven themselves over time to maintain their value even during times of inflation.

The many advantages

The advantages of platinum, Palladium, and silver are often overlooked. However, when you compare the historical performance of these metals with gold over 40 years (1970 to 2010), it becomes clear why precious metals investors consider all four rare metal options in their portfolios.

The prices for Platinum, Palladium, and silver appear to be undervalued relative to gold when considering inflation rates across the past forty years. Gold has outperformed both silver and platinum by more than five times during this time frame while outperforming Palladium by nearly twenty times!

Physical Precious Rare Metals

Gold is an excellent commodity that should remain part of every portfolio; however, savvy investors look beyond traditional investments like stocks or bonds in order to find opportunities for growth at lower risk levels. Holding physical precious rare metals offers many benefits, including diversification.

Consider these advantages holding physical precious rare metals. If you don’t, then the following disadvantages may impact you: decreasing demand for cashless transactions, price manipulation in paper markets, inability to prove ownership of digital assets, and negative interest rates, a growing risk globally. Therefore, it’s worth considering these benefits if one doesn’t hold physical metals such as gold and silver to diversify their portfolio.

It’s worth holding precious physical metals such as gold and silver to diversify your portfolio. If you don’t, then the following disadvantages will likely impact you:

– Decreasing Demand for Cashless Transactions

– Price Manipulation in Paper Markets

– Inability to Prove Ownership of Digital Assets

– Negative Interest Rates a Growing Risk Globally

The Final Word

Platinum, Palladium, silver, and gold are all considered precious metals because of their rarity in the earth’s crust. Right now is a great time to consider adding these forms of wealth preservation into your investment portfolio, as you can purchase bullion coins at prices that seem too good to be true! And if they weren’t real – wouldn’t everyone already have them?

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