Different Types Of Animals You Can Make Into Cakes

Over the last decade, the art of cake making has been taken to new levels, and the standard of cake designs has shot through the roof. The skill level of some of the bakers making these designs is mind-boggling, and there seems to be nothing they cannot make with some cake and coloured fondant and icing. A common subject for cakes is animals, and some of these designs are truly realistic and can make you look twice. Below are some different animal cakes you may want to consider for your next celebration that will blow everyone away who sees it.

A Dog Cake

If you are a dog lover, it may make you cringe when you see some of the dog cakes being cut open, as they look so realistic. You can click here to see some cakes in the shape of dogs that will blow your mind, and they are the perfect centrepiece for any occasion and will undoubtedly get people talking. Although the cake looks like a dog, it is still delicious, and you can have one made in your favourite flavour, with your choice of preferred filling. They can be labour intensive and take some time to plan and bake them, so do not expect to call up for a cake and have it in a couple of days.

A Horse Cake

Another animal which you can often find in the form of a cake is a horse. Many people love horses, and when you have someone mad about them, the perfect cake for them is in the shape of a horse. Whether you prefer the horse in a stationary pose or the animated look, a skilled baker can create a realistic-looking horse cake that will look and taste fantastic. Some bakers have made life-sized cakes in the style of horses, and the level of detail is impressive.

A Dinosaur Cake

Although dinosaurs no longer roam our planet, they are still a popular design of cake that many people love. It would be hard to do a life-sized one with dinosaurs being so enormous, but the detail some bakers achieve in their smaller cakes is stunning. You can consider having many dinosaurs made into a cake, but one of the most popular designs is a T-Rex dinosaur cake. If you have a child that loves dinosaurs, you may want to consider getting them a stunning dinosaur cake for their birthday and watch their face light up when they see their cake for the first time.

The list of animals you can consider having made into cakes is extensive, and a skilled baker can turn their hand to almost anything. You will get to select the flavour of the cake and what the filling is, and then sit back and wait for your cake to be ready. Cake makers often get booked out quickly, so you need to contact them well before you need the cake to avoid disappointment. When you find a skilled artisan to make your cake and see their creation for the first time, you may be reluctant to cut it open as it looks so lifelike.

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