Learn About WordPress And the Way It Works

WordPress hosts nearly nineteen million websites all across the globe. It has 60 percent of impressive market share.  Due to this, website designers, website developers and website owners want to learn about how WordPress operates and what it actually is.

Features of WordPress

The below benefits and features of WordPress makes it quite simple to find why it is the best platform for advanced website developers as well as budding entrepreneurs to build a website.

  • WordPress has got a large community
  • It provides a convenient process to set-up and installs
  • WordPress has got a user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Users are sure to enjoy a wide range of plugins, widgets and themes

Why is WordPress considered to be the most powerful CMS (content management system)?

WordPress CMS provides an ability to edit, publish, organize, modify, maintain and delete content at one centralized space. It can be either in the form of a text, photos, audio or video files.

All these elements are presented in whichever way a user wants, and that is the strongest feature of WordPress that sets it apart from its other competitors. WordPress not just serves as a robust platform to store as well as modify information but also has elegant display of information present on the web.

What are the different versions of WordPress software?

The two different versions of WordPress are and The primary difference between them is the domain. Choose .com version when you have a website with a little of functionality available. version when you will need to develop a website from scratch that includes installation of plugins etc.

Working of WordPress

WordPress requires 2 components to perform its activities on a web server. These are MySQL and PHP. WordPress mainly functions on 3 levels:

  • It offers an easy to use interface (called as a dashboard) for all website owners to efficiently manage the content database.
  • It also creates MySQL query for a database, which obtains the information and then publishes the web page with the required information on the location when it is asked by a browser.
  • WordPress efficiently holds all web content in a MySQL database. The WordPress Content Management System enables to modify the theme without interfering with the content of the website.


Understanding the way WordPress operates is a remarkable skill to have irrespective of whether a person is an entrepreneur or a developer. Though you may find it a bit daunting at first but the support offered by the vast online community about WordPress makes it easy to learn and use WordPress.

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