Talking to other fishermen will give you a lot of information on a variety of topics. You will get advice on what to wear, where to go and what to eat for lunch. Everybody has their own opinion and, with many of these topics, it doesn’t really matter what yours is. People pick what works for them and believe that it will work for everyone else. There are certain areas of fishing that can be considered facts and not opinions. One of these areas is the right bait. The best conditions for fishing are also ideal.

Understanding weather conditions is crucial when fishing because different species of fish respond differently to different conditions. This knowledge can increase your chances of landing fish. Let’s take a look at the most common types of weather that are considered ideal.


Many people don’t realize the importance of wind in fishing success. In many cases, the wind will push water away from the shore and remove surface food. This means that baitfish will follow the surface food, and game fish will follow the bait. Shore fishing can be more challenging than boat fishing if it is windy. You should cast your lure into the wind if you are fishing onshore.


Fish can be affected by weather changes and storms. These fish are extremely sensitive to barometric conditions. Many fish species will feed more intensely in the hours before a cold front. Storms can often cause a slowing of the feeding. Even in warm areas, fishing may slow down for a few days after a cold front passes.

On the other hand, a warm front will make fish more hungry. Because this area is warmer, the fish will feed closer to the surface.


It is common knowledge that fishing in the clouds can be very beneficial. This is because clouds can reduce light penetration into the water. Bright days are more favorable for fish as they will cruise to find food faster than on brighter days. Many fish species will spend more time hiding and staying close to structures on brighter days.


Fishing can also be affected by rain. Even though it may not be pleasant to be outside in the rain, fishing is still possible when it is light. Rain helps break up the view the fish have of the water’s surface. Rain can sometimes stir up bait and surface food, which helps to bring out larger game fish.

It is important to remember, however, that fishing is best done with light rain. This is not true for heavy or hard rain. This is especially true when fishing in streams, rivers, and lakes.


While it is possible to fish at any time of the day, you’ll find that deep sea fishing is best done at dawn or dusk. It is important to avoid going out at low tide. The time of the day is a key factor in fishing rivers and lakes. Anglers are known for being early risers. Anglers know it’s the best time of day to catch a variety of fish.

Can the weather conditions ever be used to determine when fishing is best? It is not. It’s impossible to plan trips when the weather is ideal for fishing. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go out on the water and try your luck.

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