Plastering Your Home Yourself Or Use The Services Of Experts?

Since the first lockdown of the global pandemic, the number of people tackling DIY jobs in the home has increased significantly. Many people are doing jobs they have put off for years and finally start the process of turning their house into a home. You can do many things to transform your home into something beautiful and comfortable for you and your family, but you will often need to plaster your walls when renovating. If you have increased your DIY skills since lockdown and looking to start a new project in your home, you will need to consider if plastering is within your skill set or not.

The tools You Will Need For Plastering

If you are considering tackling the plastering job yourself, you will need to ensure you are prepared and have all the tools required for the job. The list of tools you will need is relatively extensive and ensuring you have everything will help ensure you can do a decent job of the plastering. The tools you will need are as follows:

  • A Finishing Trowel – Ensuring a smooth and flat finish to the plaster
  • A Window Trowel – To help do the awkward parts around the windows
  • Inside & Outside Corner Trowel – Ensure the corners of the room are smooth and flat
  • A Mortar Stand – An ideal stand for all your plastering equipment
  • A Bucket Trowel – For getting plaster from your bucket to your plastering hawk
  • A Mixing Bucket – For mixing the plaster till it is smooth and ready to use
  • A Plastering Hawk – Used to hold your plaster before using your trowel to apply it
  • Snips – You need a reliable pair of snips to cut your beading
  • A Plasterers Float – To give that smooth finish to the top layer of your plaster
  • A Scarifier – Used to scratch the render before applying your second coat

These are the essential tools you will require to complete the job, but there are other items you can get that can make the task easier to manage. You can get machines such as a rendering machine that will allow you to complete the job in a fraction of the time. However, these can be expensive to buy so may not be suitable for you, but you may consider hiring one if you want to.

Using An Expert For The Job

Doing plastering for the first time is a steep learning curve, and if you do not want to go to the expense of buying or hiring the equipment needed, you may want to use the services of a professional plasterer. There will be many excellent companies offering their services in your local area, and you can use websites such as checkatrade.com to ensure you are using a reputable one. The task will be finished much sooner than if doing it yourself and to a higher standard. It will also mean you can complete your DIY job in your home quicker, so you can relax or move on to the next DIY task.

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