Some Of The Various Types Of Partitioning Systems You Can Use In Your Office

When you have an extensive office space and need to divide off sections of it, the best thing to use is a partitioning system. Installing partitions in your office is much more cost-effective than building traditionally, and it can help make a suitable work environment that will ensure the productivity of your workers. You have various partitions options available, depending on the look and feel you want and your budget. Below are some of the different options you can choose from that can transform your open space into a thriving working office.

Easy To Move Partitions

If you often change your space’s layout and want a partitioning system that can cope with this, demountable partitions may be the perfect solution for you. These are not permanent partitions, and they can be taken down and moved into a new configuration as often as you like. They are a flexible option and cost-effective, and they may also be able to save you money on taxes. Demountable partitions are classed as Plant and Machinery, meaning you can claim back tax under Section 23: List C of the Capital Allowances Act 2001.

Glazed Partitions

Having lots of glass in an office is an excellent way to keep the feel of open space but still have privacy while you work. You will be able to see what is going on in the office, and if things get too loud, you can close your door but still see everything that is happening. You can get single glazed and double-glazed partitioning that can offer added insulation against noise and heat. As laminated safety glass is often used in these partitioning systems, you can get them in various colours, so you can select something that will perfectly match your office’s colour scheme.

Partitions That Slide

Another flexible partitioning option you may want to consider is sliding partitions. These are an excellent choice when you have multiple uses for your space. You can divide up a large area using sliding partitions, and when you need to, you can open them up and create one large room that you can use. It is perfect when you have a large meeting in your company and want to address all your workers simultaneously. They are not as suitable for smaller spaces, but you can still use them if they match your requirements. You will often find these used in more significant buildings, including schools, and you can open or close the partitions within minutes.

Drywall Partitioning

If you are looking for a semi-permanent partitioning system that is also cost-effective, you may want to consider drywall partitioning. When these are installed, they will look like a standard wall, and you can include windows and doors in them, so they are an excellent way of dividing space in your office. They are also quick to install, so they will not cause too much disruption if people must work while they are being erected. They can help reduce sound levels, and you can also add additional insulation to them if required.

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