Ways to secure your dedicated server

Dedicated hosting packs the ultimate experience in the world of web hosting and overall features. It offers your website all the power it needs to load pages fast and work more effectively. However, even with all that power, security is always still a threat. You should not let your dedicated server hosting fool you into becoming complacent and relaxed. You need to continue working on the security of your website proactively all the time. There are many major companies that have suffered huge losses in the hands of cyber criminals. Hacks and system breaches happen every day as hackers find new ways to pass even the latest web security measures in place today. Being a victim of cyber-attack makes your company to lose credibility, which can later translate into huge financial losses.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the ways that you can use to ensure that your dedicated server is as safe as it can be against cyber-attacks.

Regularly install updates

This is a step that often appears as a brainer, but you would be surprised by the number of people that often overlook it. The moment you forget to install important updates to your dedicated server is the moment you leave it vulnerable to attacks by cyber criminals. Cyber criminals and hackers are usually aware of software update releases and they also always expect that there will be people out there who will forget or overlook installing them. As such, they take the time to scan the web for any website that doesn’t have these updates to take advantage of them.

Outdated software applications present a major weakness in website that hackers can use to easily gain access into your server. As such, you should keep track of all updates and install them the minutes they are released. Besides updates, you should also install security patches that are often released every now and then.

Only install software you need

When you are installing software on your Australian dedicated servers, you are encouraged to only install software that you need to run the server as well as your website. Anything beyond what you need is simply a distraction and an open invitation for hackers that are always looking for an easy way into websites. An unnecessary software on your computer just adds a weakness into your web security that you could otherwise avoid easily.

In case you happen to be using WordPress sites, you should be very careful with the kind of plugins you install. These plugins also present an easy way for hackers to gain access into your server and website by extension.

Back-up regularly

When you are into the world of web hosting and I.T in general, you should know that anything can always happen. You could wake up one day and find that you are a victim of a cyber-attack that crashed all your systems, taking all your data with them. Since this is always a possibility given the level of seriousness of cyber threats, it is important to have your data always backed up

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