Wire and Cable Supplier Since 1981

Sycor Technology has been supplying wire and cable products to a worldwide clientele since 1981. It maintains an extensive inventory in its 40,000-square-foot facility in Mississauga, Ontario, and also regularly creates custom wire and cable to meet circumstances that are not already met by what it has in stock. As a result of the quality of its products and its customer service, Sycor has become one of North America’s leading supplier of wire and cable.

Building Wire Manufacturer

Sycor regularly distributes building wire and cable to contractors, hydro utilities and control panel manufacturers so that electrical current can be carried from an outside source into one or more buildings. The products that this wire and cable manufacturer disseminate have been used in an impressive variety of structures, which range from residential and commercial properties to large industrial plants.

Automotive Wire and Cable

Another specialty of Sycor’s is automotive wire and cable, which are used in a variety of automotive electrical applications. Examples include cross-linked and primary automotive wire, speaker wire and battery cable. Sycor’s dedicated team helps match up customers with the automotive wire and cable that fit their needs and is also ready to manufacture custom wire and cable to do so if necessary.

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