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Looking for the best investment choice? You have come to the right place! Crypto currency has existed for years now, however, in recent years, news about it spread like wildfire, and in no time, it’s trending all over social media. Hopping on to this bandwagon can be quite risky but doing it right will get might just your ticket to becoming a millionaire! Let’s talk about Ripple and XRP.


Before we jump into details, let us talk about what Ripple and XRP are. Ripple is the company that owns XRP crypto coins. This company is actually a peer – to – peer trust network when it started and leveraged social media. What this means is that it allows investors to make spot transactions from borrowing money or capital from brokers.

Given that Ripple is a company, it offers a lot of services to the people and one of the main things it does is innovate new ways to transfer money all over the world. What they feature with this is that people can now send money within three to 5 seconds, with just one click when you use Ripple and XRP. On top of this, they do not have any hidden fees, such as transaction fees.


If you have heard of Ripple before, then you must be familiar with its rival company, the SEC. Ripple is currently in an ongoing battle with the SEC about whether XRP the token should be classified as a currency or a security. This can be a bit difficult to understand but I do hope you stick with me on this.

For us to fully understand what is actually happening, we must first look at the outcome of both possibilities. If it were classified as a security, it would be subject to a slew of additional rules, which would be detrimental to the XRP coin. If it were labeled as a currency, though, it would have a lot more flexibility, which would be beneficial to the coins.


Now that we have gathered enough knowledge about Ripple and XRP, we can now proceed to discuss the crypto currency’s coin. However, we would like to remind you that predictions are based on research and observations. Anything can happen if unexpected occurrences were to suddenly happen overnight. Nonetheless, the xrp price prediction xrp predictions in this article are realistic.

So, how high can XRP really go if everything goes well? Some predict a price of $20, while others predict a price of $30 before the end of the year. However, again, I just want to give an emphasis on this, all of these are based on speculation, with no solid proof to back them up.

Let us run this down logically and look at the facts. Comparing XRP with Ethereum, both coins are used for practicality. And in the year of 2017, XRP overtook there on the rankings of top crypto coins in the world.  Could it happen? Yes maybe. İt could happen. Will it happen? For an honest answer, currently, it probably won’t.

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